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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What does it treat?

How does acupuncture work?
First of all forget everything you know about western medicine and realize that this medicine developed in a completely different cultural context.

Stephanie evaluates the patients meridian system as well as internal organ systems. She will evaluate the appearance of your tongue and the texture of your pulse. Acupuncture works throught he manipulation of "qi." Insertion of needles at certain locations effects your body in specfic ways by causing you to move your own energy in ways that will be beneficial to your specfic ailments. She evaluates the issue that brought you in to seek treatment as well as the root cause that made you vulnerable to that disharmony in the first place.

Chinese Medicine is difficult to explain. If you would like a deeper understanding please read, "Between Heaven and Earth."

Does it hurt?
95% of the time it does not hurt.
The things that can cause it to hurt are:
   a) consumtion of caffiene, nicotine or sugar within and hour prior to treatment.
   b) the style of the practitioner. Stephanie uses a light painless style of insertion.

What is the education required to perform acupuncture?
To be an L.Ac. ( licensed acupuncturist) one must attend an accredited Oriental medical school. The programs are 3 years in duration and a Master degree is granted upon graduation. The education includes western medical training in anatomy and physiology, pathology, pharmacology, nutrition, structural diagnosis as well as Chinese medical diagnosis, tui na, qi gong, herbology, needle techniques, other manual therapies such as cupping, qua sha. The education is in excess of 2800 hours training. This includes an internship with experienced practitioners.

Some chiropractors and physical therapists now practice "dry needling." They are not required to sit for the NCCAOM exam. It is recommended to receive treatment only from a practitioner who has passed acupuncture boards. Please see Dry Needle for more information.

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