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Dry Needle

Acupuncture: The insertion of very small sterile needles at specific anatomical sites.

Cupping: The placement of jars or cups with creation of a suction effect, done on the back to relieve tight muscles. It is normal if it leaves a hicky like mark.

Gua Sha: Friction with a spoon. It literally translates as "scraping sand" some call it "coining." This is great for tight trapezius muscles. It also may leave a hicky like mark, that is normal.

Tui na: A type of Chinese massage.

Microcurrent Thereapy: This is the use of very small electrical currents to help your body restore its natural electrical health.

Korean Hand Therapy: The hand has a map on it similar to foot reflexology. I use non needle stimulation of these points and give instruction on how to use them yourself. It's a great tool for chronic pain sufferers.

Auricular Treatment: Auricular means ear. Auricular treament may be the insertion of small needles in to the outside of the ear, or small non needle devices.

Meridian: A pathway of qi. This is an electrically measureable pathway of higher electrical conductivity. The pathways are very specific and based on anatomical landmarks.

Acupuncture Point: A spot of higher electrical conductivity on the body.

Qi: Energy on the verge of becoming matter, matter on the verge of becoming energy. It is the energy that exists in that whch is alive and not in that which is dead.

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